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"massgenau-creatives einrichten" 
(massgenau-creative furnish) plans, produces and assembles modern and classic living room furniture tailored to your needs. 
We tailor the furniture to your every need by letting you decide on the form, colour and design. You can also choose the material from glass, plastic, wood or varnish.
Our prices compare to any other well- known furniture shop. 
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Whether it is a shelf, cupboard, bed, glass cabinet, sideboard, office furniture or partition - we plan, build and assemble your personal unique item of furniture.
With "massgenau-creatives einrichten" the customers experience the creation of their furniture, as the customer’s needs are combined with our team’s specialist knowledge, who go into every exact detail of their individual interior furnishings and furniture.
Non-custom made furniture is a thing of the past, today one of a kind and tailor-made pieces of furniture are high on every customer’s list of priorities.  Clever home systems may not only surprise you in the design, but also ensures variety and individuality of the design.
3D - planning software equipment not only ensures true to dimension planning on the computer monitor, but can also show you the complete finished appearance of your custom made furniture. Any additional desired accessories can be also chosen at this point.  This allows the customer to see a photo-realistic image of their new furniture.
"massgenau-creatives einrichten" plans and produces cupboards, fitted shelves with drawers, sideboards or glass cabinets to fit any unusual shaped rooms or rooms with roof slopes.  We produce non-standard size furniture and meet your individual needs for bedroom, playroom or workroom furniture, such as made-to-measure beds and cupboards, shelves made to the millimetre and space maximising office furniture.
Due to our years of experience in the furniture industry as well as our intuition for market niches, "massgenau-creatives einrichten" is able to assist their customers in producing furniture tailored to their individual taste and without having to conform to specific necessities.
The possibilities for equipment planning are not subject to any grid or modular design principle, so we can create your dream item of furniture down to the exact millimetre.  No dimensional restrictions can stop you from having your very own one of a kind item of furniture which you have always wanted.  From the design concept to the final product we offer you high quality furniture at a reasonable price.
The only taste which can give you complete fulfilment is your own.
Phillipp Rosenthal